Video Testimonial Example – Pharmacy Cost Saver

Example of a business video testimonial for Pharmacy Cost Saver, Kenmare.

If you can get 4 – 6 people to speak for your business a testimonial video is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool. The process is quick as only a couple of sentences would be needed from each person. Additional filming of your business would be used to cut between the testimonials with subtle backing music.

Here’s what Joe Pototzki of Pharmacy Cost Saver had to say about his video:

“I can say that Richard is very professional and very experienced in doing a video shoot that will make a difference to any business! The editing of my video has been absolutely fantastic. The video was up just one day on my website and I Got The First New Business because of the video.

I can only highly recommend Richard to any business. You can call me any time for any more details about his work. Joe Pototzki 087-6133 333