We moved, as a family, to Ireland from the UK in 2008. My in-laws had already returned some years before and we were frequent visitors with our young children preceding our own move. My roots are here too – but as yet, undiscovered.

In Tralee I was delighted to find an Apple based media course and began ‘Spinning Yarns’ in 2010 after gaining a qualification in Audio/Visual Techniques from FÁS.

Previously I had experience of working in video production with a small company in Yorkshire in the days of VHS and then again later in college.

I studied at Manchester University and later worked in the care industry as a residential support worker in the NW London area and also as a musician with my own folk/rock band.

I’m very pleased to be working full-time in video production and enjoy keeping up to date with the ever changing digital world. My natural inclination is to approach every project in a creative and artistic fashion and to give each the full and careful attention needed to bring about the best possible results.